A major breakthrough in the preservation of one of our most valuable natural resources…Water.

Pacific Interlock Pavers created HydroFlo™ Technology, using it to manufacture the first and ONLY truly permeable concrete paver with up to 100% surface permeability that is strong enough for both commercial and residential use.

HydroFlo™ answers environmental concerns regarding the waste of ground water, erosion control, and water retention demands of the paving industry.

Allows drainage of 3 inches per hour to encourage percolation.

• Greatly reduces the chance of erosion
• Stronger than poured concrete or asphalt
• Re-hydrates the soil below
• Returns water to ground aquifers
• Reduces water runoff by as much as 100%
• No unsightly gaps like ordinary permeable pavers
• Supports surrounding vegetation by re-hydrating sub-soil

• Commercial/residential parking and storage areas
• Sloped area (driveways)
• Problem drainage areas
• Walkways, crosswalks, plazas and patios (reduces puddles)
• Areas where water runoff or standing water might be a concern
• Places where water needs to be directed away from or towards a specific area
• Any area where standard pavers can be utilized

Our Hydro-Flo™ pavers are as attractive as regular pavers and can be used side-by-side.

All standard colors and color blends are available in HydroFlo™ pavers.


Our Hydro-Flo™ Permeable pavers, the only truly permeable concrete paver, has received a patent for the entire European Union covering over 37-countries.

Think of how hard it must be to exceed the standards of the all of the various countries.

The unique manufacturing elements plus the environmental benefits and safety advantages made the patent possible.

This, along with the US, Canadian and Australian patents has the potential to allow our Hydro-Flo™ Permeable pavers to keep untold millions of gallons of water on-site, and away from polluting our rivers and oceans around the globe.

Recent projects include parks, K-12, universities, condo projects, shopping centers, streetscapes, residences, parking lots plus dozens more.

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